The One Thing I Want My Kids To Know

As a Mom of 3 kids,  I’ve had many ups and downs. 

  • I have said no when I should have said yes.  
  • I have said yes when I should have said no. 
  • I have fought  battles that I shouldn’t  have fought. 
  • I have given up on battles sooner  than I should have. 
  • I have said yes to icecream for breakfast. 
  • I have made homemade meals, only to ask myself why I even bother to put effort into a meal that we devour in 9 minutes. Only to then, spend 19 minutes cleaning up the food that has found its way all over the kitchen and the kids. 
  • I have had moments that I doubted myself. Really, really doubted  my abilities as a Mom. 
  • I have had moments  when I thought  I had my Mommy thing down, only to realize that, I probably, actually don’t.

There’s one thing that has remained the same through the years.  

I love them. 

I love them more than anything or anyone else on this planet. 

I would do anything to give them the best in life. 

I want them to be happy and I want that more than my own happiness. 

Every night when I tuck my kids in bed, I tell them I love them. I kiss them and hug them. 

When the silence fills the house at night and  I can finally hear my thoughts again, I think of things I may have done wrong that day. 

“I’ll do better, tomorrow.”  I confirm to myself. 

I’ll do better tomorrow. 

“If  I  don’t?”, that little voice inside me whispers. 

As long as they know that  I love them…

everything else will be ok.  ❤️

    Kid Friendly YouTube Channels

    If your kids are like mine, they love  YouTube. As a busy mom of 3, I strive to find kid friendly content that my kids and I can equally enjoy.

    That can be difficult with so many videos out there to weed through.

    After a little trial and error, I’ve found some reliable sources. These channels delight my kids and educate them, too.

    I’ve created a Mom approved list of YouTube channels that are family friendly.

    These channels are great for 

    • Having a cozy family day together. 
    • A fun and inviting way for kids to learn. 
    • A safe way to keep kids busy while you get things done. 

    Below is my list of kid friendly YouTube channels, that I love, too.


    1. Kids Camp 

    This cheery channel features familiar classic songs your kids already love, as well as, new upbeat tunes. Some videos are as long as an hour or more. Perfect for babies, toddlers and bigger kids, too.


    2.  Kids Educ

    This educationally driven channel highlights subjects such as; Math, Reading, Science, Geography and more. Perfect for preschool through school age kids.


    3.  National Geographic Kids 

    Kids can get a front seat to an amazing adventure through videos that explore the wild and exciting world that we live in. A well known  and highly established kids’ favorite for many years. Perfect for all ages.

    I hope you and your family enjoy time together while watching these excellent kid friendly YouTube channels. Have fun. ❤️
    (Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by Kids Camp, Kids Educ or National Geographic Kids.)

    Moms Have No Time

    It’s a feeling that seems to be universal in mommyhood. 

    • No  time to clean the house.
    • No  time to fold laundry.
    • No  time to run errands.

    I think instead of looking at all the many (many) things we actually do accomplish as Moms, we often focus on the things that aren’t being done. In reality though, we are already doing so much. You are doing so much and what you are doing is important. 

    The funny (and actually beautiful)  thing about mommyhood is,  whatever house chore or item on the to-do list that has been over looked,  has probably been done so for a really good reason.

    • Your son wanted you to read him a book.
    • Your daughter wanted you to chase fireflies with her.
    • You took time for you. 

    If you did, then good for you, Mommy. If you haven’t yet, then here is my gentle urging for you to do so.

    I’m not saying cast aside all responsibility and never clean, cook or get things done again but on the occasion that things slip a little, be kind to yourself. You are doing so much and it matters, it really does. You are doing your best.

    It may often still feel  like there’s no  time to get all of those to-do’s done but try to remember, spending time with your littles is important, too.

    They will be a little older in  no time.
    Absolutely no time at all. 

    In our life — in their childhood,  there is truly no time.. 

    Like the present. ❤️