Dear Exhausted Mom…

I want to start this by saying you are not alone. There have been many times, I’ve been in your shoes and there will be many times that I will be again. 

Whether you’re a SAHM, WAHM, Working Mom, new mom, seasoned mom, step mom, or anything and everything in between, you are probably exhausted. Often. 

Parenthood is a 24/7/365 job. Actually… I think it may be more .. is that possible? Sure feels like it is.  

I wanted to write this note to you today to let you know that your hard work doesn’t go unseen. Your late nights coupled with early mornings doesn’t go without recognition.  Your work matters. 

Without you, how would your daughter learn how to be strong? 

Without you, how would your son learn how to say “I’m sorry.” 

Without you, how would the world turn? 

I know that sounds sort of ridiculous but… literally… how would it? 

When you really think about all of the things we do every day, no wonder we are so exhausted! Give yourself some grace. Drink some wine, coffee, protein shake, ice cold water– whatever your power drink is 😋 and keep going. 
Mommin’ ain’t easy…  but 

You are important and you are needed.