What It’s Really Like To Be A Mom

Yesterday was a good day.  I cleaned the house. I did multiple loads of laundry.  I took the kids outside for 45 minutes. I baked. Everything went great. I did it all with a smile on my face and happiness in my heart. To add to that, my kids were in good moods, too. Like I said, yesterday was a good day.

Today?.. not so much.

It seemed as soon as my feet hit the floor,  the day was destined to go awry.

Starting with my middle son having a bad attitude. Why? I really don’t know. I guess being a 6 year old is hard. Anyway, he began fighting me on anything and everything. Then my almost 3 year old joined in and now, I just want this day to have a restart button.

I don’t know if the rest of the day will follow suite and be a not so stellar day, or if it’ll turn around. Unfortunately, motherhood doesn’t come with a crystal ball.

What I do know is that for today, I’m just going lower my expectations because it’s obviously not going to be a good day like yesterday.

Days like yesterday come around every once in a while. Days like today, a little more often but most days are some where in between.

That’s what keeps me going… Knowing that the hard days don’t last forever.

What keeps me on my toes is not knowing how the day will go. Will it be good? Bad? Beautiful? I never know.

It’s unapologetically unpredictable but it’s my life. My kids and I see eachother in some pretty raw situations but we also see eachother in some of the happiest moments of our lives.

Like when my almost 3 year old ran outside yesterday. Actually, he didn’t run, he galloped through the yard. His face was beaming. I love seeing moments of joy like that with my boys. I can’t count all of them anymore. The number is infinite and my heart has expanded beyond itself to gather all of the memories up.

Some days are downright hard. Awful. 

Some are common and forgettable.

Some are beautiful.

So, crystal ball or not, moms keep going.

And that’s what it’s really like. Moms get up everyday and we face the unknown.  💙