Dear Tired Moms, Please Read


I’m writing to you (and you, all of you!) today to talk about something that just hit me. 

I gave my 3 sons bagel bites for dinner (because tired) and I sat down and watched them eat. All lined up. 3 boys in a row. 

It had been a while since I had intently looked at them all at once. This time I was looking at their features. How big they are now. How they are so much older than they use to be. And I sat there exhausted, looking at my precious kids and it hit me.
 I’m full of exhaustion and they are full of life. 

All of the energy I’m pouring out daily is going towards my kids. Growing their bodies, their minds and their souls. 
And the same goes for you, momma. 
When you lay down at night and feel your bones ache, your soul weary and your mind frazzled,  just know it’s because you’re growing up your kids with every ounce of yourself you have. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. Parents shouldn’t completely  drain themselves out to their kids without also taking breaks to refill their proverbial cup. 

It’s important to allow ourselves the times we need to refresh; restart and rejuvenate. 

But day by day, week by week– we are tired. 
Because we have loved. 

And it’s probably the best reason to be tired that I can think of. 
Glitter & caffeine 💓