Holidays With Kids

I love making my kids happy during Christmastime. I’m positive you do, too. 

One thing I’ve noticed so far in my 10 years as a mom, is the time surrounding the holidays is hectic. 

Whether your holiday budget is large or small, or somewhere in the middle; There’s lists and it’s up to us to make them and check them twice. 

Where are you Santa? πŸ˜‚ 

Before we get completely lost in the chaos that is the holiday season, I wanted to make (yet another) list of ways to refocus on what really matters this time of year.


Our kids. We are aware about giving them presents but let’s not forget to give them our presence, too.  This can be with holiday traditions such as Christmas movies, driving around and looking at the Christmas lights followed by late night hot cocoa, to name a few.  The options are limitless and seeing their little faces light up at such simple family traditions is worth more than all of the silver and gold in the world. 


Give Back. There’s so many ways to give back this time of year. Try to find the right fit for your family and get your kids involved, too. My family does toy donation and my kids love to pick out toys for kids in the community who might otherwise go without. It’s a great feeling. 


Less Stress. It sounds impossible, I know. But if we worry less about how clean the house is, how perfectly cooked the turkey is, or if the bow is on the present just right– then there will be more time for hugs, more time for laughs, and more time holiday cheer. 


Happy holidays from my family to yours.