Surviving The Post Halloween Crash

For the past month or so, my kids have been non-stop dreaming of costumes and candy. They thoughtfully picked their costume, we let our bellies decide on the candy and we all waited in excitement and anticipation for the day to arrive.

Finally, the fateful day came and my boys donned their over priced-but-totally-worth it Halloween threads and out the door they went in seek of the sugary goods.

Thankfully for me, my boys enjoy not just the candy  but the spirit of the holiday, as well. They had a blast showing off their costumes and checking out what everyone else on the streets in our neighborhood were dressed up as.

Once home, of course the attention was right back to the candy! My kids devoured their favorite sugary treats, then it was soon time to brush their teeth and off to bed with visions of chocolatey delights most likely still swirling around in their heads and tummies.

If you have kids and celebrate Halloween, this probably sounds very familiar. What’s even more real  is the post Halloween crash. So much sugar, so much walking, so much fun. Only to wake up the next day in a fog of….

“Whoa… what happened last night?”

Never fear! I’ve got your back. Mommies and Daddies everywhere are struggling this week and we are not alone. The struggle is oh so real. Here’s a few ways to survive the post Halloween crash.

🎃 Coffee. It has always been there for us every morning (sometimes afternoon and evening..) and this week will be a time for it to truly shine like a diamond.

👻 Look Away. It’s ok to avoid the mirror and the scale this week. It’s a survival kind of week and if you want to look away, it’s a-ok.

🕷 Kindness Counts. To your kids, their teachers, yourself. We are all just trying to make it here.

🕵🏼‍♀️ Hide. If you just don’t want your kids to know exactly how much candy is still left, hide some to bring out as surprises and treats for the near future.

Happy Post Halloween Crash week!