Parenting In The 90’s vs Parenting Today

Ah, the 90’s. We drank more kool-aid than water and had limited access to the internet. It feels like it was such a long time ago, yet thinking about the decade springs back memories that are as fresh as the Prince of Bel Air.

If you grew up in the 90’s you remember it well. Beyond the grunge music, high fructose corn syrup and lack of global communication was a sense of vogue in that it was the 90’s.  (Thank you, Madonna.)

I was a teen at the turn of the 21st century so I truly hold the 90’s with childlike memories. I have recently begun to wonder what it was like from the standpoint of a parent. So I have comprised a list of parenting comparisons from the 90’s all the way to today. It’s a time warp that even Zack Morris’ cellphone can’t handle. 


Car seats. 

It wasn’t until 1985 that all U.S. states had a car seat law. If you were born in the 80’s like me, chances are you came home in your mom’s arms. If you were a tot in the 90’s here is an example of a car seat your parents might have had for you. 


Today’s car seats are the best they have ever been. Truly. 


I do have a soft spot for the cutesy baby bottles of the 90’s. 

However the baby bottles today are especially designed to keep air out of little tummies which means less gas for baby and less crying. Which is definitely a good deal.  


Baby food 

In the 90’s these were seen stacked up in shelves of homes of parents to babies more times than not. I remember as a kid seeing baby desserts at the store! The thought of that now is a little mind blowing. 


Nowadays a lot of parents are taking to the produce  isles of the grocery store to pick exactly what they want for their babies and making the food right in their own kitchens. Homemade baby food is cheap, easy and healthy. If you do buy store bought baby food, no judgement. It’s healthier now than ever before. Organic, sugar free and wholesome. Here’s a glance of what baby food looks like now. 

If your kids had any tech toys in the 90’s it likely would have cost $100 and would have come complete with bad graphics. Most of us couldn’t afford such luxuries and had basic toys like play phones that looked a little bit like mom & dad’s grownup version.


Today technology is more affordable and more brilliant than ever. We as parents have smart phones and our kids’ play phones follow suit. Here’s what a play phone today looks like. 



Plaid was a pretty big deal in the 90’s and it’s back again today. Still, there was something special about 90’s plaid. Oversized shirts, pants. Comfy and hip. 


Hip clothes for kids today is a little different but just as sweet. 


The 90’s where a good time and we will always have them in our memories and in the time capsules of our favorite tv shows and movies. 

I hope you enjoyed this little glance back into time. I think I should end on this last note: No matter what era you raised your kids, you were rockin’ it and you and your kids are doing fab. 🔥