Dear Mom, Cut Yourself Some Slack

The term “mediocre mom” really irritates me. All mothers and fathers work really hard every-single-day. 

We get up and go day,after day,after day. It can be exhausting. No– It is exhausting. 

Sometimes things in life pop up. Maybe it’s a job change or, a major life event such as a death in the family or a new baby. 

During some points in life, we as parents no longer strive for the gold medal. There are points in life where we simply pour cereal from the box and splash milk over it every morning. 

Put the frozen pb&j on the counter to thaw by lunch time. 

Cook the boxed macaroni and cheese for dinner.

 Every day. For many days perhaps. 

And you know what? It’s ok. 

We are not bad moms. We are not bad parents. 

And you know what’s more important than having blue ribbon status as a parent? Taking care of ourselves. 

And if that means 4 episodes of Doc McStuffins in a row, then we just have to accept that. 

Remember,  we are not inferior — we are warriors who battle life every day….

And we are going to make it.