Why Having Mommy Friends Is Awesome

Being a mom doesn’t come with instructions. When we become moms, it’s as if when we get one baby stage down, our kids quickly grow into a new uncharted stage.

It can make us feel unsure and nervous as each new stage is different. It also makes us feel excited and happy because our kids are thriving and growing. 

What has helped me, is reaching out to other moms for support, guidance and camaraderie. It was one of the best things I have done as a mom.

Most of my mommy friends, I met online. Some I’ve hung out with in person. All of them were (and are) wonderful friends and moms. 

Some moms had babies my son’s age. Some moms had kids who were a little older than my first child. I have learned–and continue to learn so much from these moms.

Each and every mom friendship has been a big part of my motherhood journey so far and I look forward to what’s to come. So, in honor of mommy friendships, I have created a short list of a few of the ways that having mommy friends is awesome. 


They understand where you are coming from. You can go to your mom friends with each new baby stage, expressing  concerns and in turn, receive comfort and support. Knowing that other moms are going through the same baby stage, helps put your mind at ease. Getting advice and tips from seasoned moms who have gone through it already, is also very helpful. It’s wonderful to be there to see eachother’s kids grow up. 

 They help you see things from a different perspective. Not all kids are the same and not all lifestyles are the same. Being able to see the views of other moms can open your eyes to different ways of living and parenting. There are about a million ways to be a good mom. Hearing other moms’ experiences can open your mind to other parenting styles.


They know that we are so much more than just moms. We sometimes need a mom’s night out. Or, just grabbing coffee can be enough. Ocassionally, moms just want to talk about our own hopes and dreams. Our love lives. Our roles as sisters, friends, daughters, and so much more. It is so wonderful to have someone who really gets us. 


Here is to all of the mommy friends! ❤️